About Recordings

All tunes on this page are written, played, and recorded by me in my home micro-studio in Satellite Beach, Florida….so, there is no one else but me to blame.   Here is what can’t be blamed:

  • Guitar-  Fender Telecaster, Gibson LesPaul Studio
  • Guitar amps-  Fender Hot Rod DeVille, Marshall JCM900, and pedals
  • Bass-  Warwick Streamer Pro 5-string
  • Bass amp-  SWR 750 head with Goliath cab
  • Drums-  Mapex M-Series
  • Recording Platform-  Protools LE 5.1 Digidesign 001, Mac G4 OS9
  • Recording Mics-  SM57, SM58, Shure Beta 52, AKG C3000 condenser

20130121_201607ToxicToeStudio4cropped-ToxicToeStudio-2-Black-small1.jpgToxicToe Art

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