Friends’ Music Page!        (Friends of past & present)


No River (Seth, Tolly, Matt, and Stony).     Local friends in Satellite Beach that disbanded after Seth moved away.  The others still get together occasionally to jam.  During these recordings, I added a few minor lead guitar tracks for additional texture.


After It’s Over (TJ, Tommy, Adam, Andrew).     Great guys…recorded with me.


Soundstain (Ralph).     Old MIA friend, ripping guitarist, and radio personality presumably still living in Atlanta.     [Where you at Ralph?  Call!]


Caught Inside  (Andy).    Old friend and skate-buddy years ago.  This band was a group of friends and neighbors who got signed by DriveThu Records but later dropped by MCA after the buy-out.  Andy now lives in Southern California.


SOL (Sean, Kevin, Luis, Steve).    Old college friends from Orlando who put together an almost famous O-town band.

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    • Breathe


Andy Tevelonis     One of my best friends from high school who returned for a visit one day.  The first one is a recording of him playing guitar in my studio.  The others are clips of him tooling around at home in Pennsylvania.

  • Andy Tevelonis – Blues Jam


NoSeeUms (Gully, Stony, Jeb, Me).     Our short lived attempt to put together a punk band in our 30’s.   Website:    http://www.myspace.com/noseeums/music/playlists


Cleanser  (Craig, Scott, Emit, Rod, Me).     My old band in Orlando 10+ years ago.  Great guys and talented musicians.  These songs were recorded live during our first show.  We went on to play hundreds of shows in Orlando, Gainesville, Key West, Tampa, and other Florida cities.  We compiled several disks of recordings from live shows and FullSail studio work as well as one fan-funded professional full length album.   Although, we played some large venues, reached a moderate level of local success, and had offers to tour with the National Act, Johnny No-Name, we remained unsigned before breaking-up after a strong 2 1/2  year run.


Drift Session (Brian, Stony, sometimes Phil).    Friends from Satellite Beach.  Website:  http://www.myspace.com/driftsessionband

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Louis Filardo      Friend and brother-in-law.   Used to play guitar for Chariot and other bands.  Now he’s occasionally jamming and recording with me for fun.

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Lambert Family Album (Samantha, Jessica, Victoria, Donna).     These talented four sisters are putting together an extremely harmonious gospel album that will include songs featuring experienced singer and mother, Francis Lambert.

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Samantha Alison    Wife and accomplished singer/songwriter records her own tunes.  Amazing!

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